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We love plastic for its functionality, bend-ability, and durability. Every single day, everywhere around the world people come in contact with plastic. As we consume plastic daily, we discard it equally so. The earth is trimmed like a Christmas tree and lit by the colors of discarded plastic. Like bait we are hooked. Our culture of overconsumption has created a culture of waste. Plastic pollutes the water we drink, the air we breathe, and the very land we live on. Despite the many benefits plastic has to offer, the side effects are inescapable.
Plastics: Our Weakness is a photographic exploration of the plastic that is left to degrade along our roadsides, beaches, and parks.

~Exhibition Dates: August 4th – September 2nd, 2017 in 2nd Floor, Photography Gallery, Flower City Arts Center, 713 Monroe Ave, Rochester NY

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The Toilet Diaries


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LINK: Homelessness in Rochester

LINK: Holy Week at South Wedge Mission

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