Photech Chemical #ROC

2016 All Rights Reserved © Arleen Thaler Photography

These photos of the now demolished plant were taken in 2008.
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I ❤ Dirt and Decay

The former Photech Site was developed around 1948-1950 as a photographic film manufacturer, and was used for manufacturing of photographic film and photographic paper until 1991, when the site was abandoned in the middle of active production. The Photech facility utilized a variety of different chemicals throughout the manufacturing process and generated hazardous and solid wastes. As a result of the abrupt shutdown of the Photech plant in 1991, some chemical products and wastes were abandoned in place.
After the City acquired the property through tax foreclosure in 1997, it successfully secured $3.4 million in grant funding from the New York State Environmental Restoration Program to cleanup and demolish the existing buildings as well as address the soil and groundwater contamination. (CityofRochester.Gov)
Photec manufactured sheet film for large format cameras and xray machines. (Uer.Ca)

2016 All Rights Reserved © Arleen Thaler Photography

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