Starting Over in Rochester, NY


Hani Ali doesn’t know where she was born except that it was in the back of a pickup truck, somewhere between Somalia and Uganda. An elderly woman—a stranger—traveling with them delivered Ali as her parents were fleeing a civil war in their country. Even so, her parents named her Hani, which in Arabic means “happy.” “Nobody thought I was going to live. But there I was, everyday,” says Ali, now 25 and a Rochesterian…

Story: Carlie Fishgold
Photography: Arleen Thaler
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EcoPark #RecycleMonroeCounty


An innovative partnership between Monroe County and Waste Management to provide a “one stop drop off” for residential recycling. 

Plastic: Our Weakness


Plastic litter harvested along the shores of Lake Ontario at Hamlin Beach State Park.

We love plastic for its functionality, bend-ability, and durability. Every single day, everywhere around the world people come in contact with plastic. As we consume plastic daily, we discard it equally so. The earth is trimmed like a Christmas tree and lit by the colors of discarded plastic. Like bait we are hooked. Our culture of overconsumption has created a culture of waste. Plastic pollutes the water we drink, the air we breathe, and the very land we live on. Despite the many benefits plastic has to offer, the side effects are inescapable.

Plastics: Our Weakness is a photographic exploration of the plastic that is left to degrade along our roadsides, beaches, and parks.

~Exhibition Dates: August 4th – September 2nd, 2017 in 2nd Floor, Photography Gallery, Flower City Arts Center, 713 Monroe Ave, Rochester NY

~Reception: Friday August 4th, 6 p.m. – 9 p.m. in 2nd Floor, Photography Gallery, Flower City Arts Center, 713 Monroe Ave, Rochester NY

Legacy Hands #Hospice

I receive a million times back what I give as a volunteer hospice photographer. ❤ This gentleman passed away several days after I photographed him and his bride of 60+ years. This is truly heartwork!


Join me as I guide visitors on a tour of the exhibition The Run-On of Time, the first museum retrospective of Eugene Richards‘s work, while sharing my own experiences as a photojournalist working in Rochester, New York.

eugene richards Tour


For Donna <3 R.I.P. #BeautifulSoul

donna004-1Beautiful Soul

I have found something
within your gaze,
that more than moves me
in so many ways.
Something behind
those crystal eyes,
eyes more glorious
than the bluest skies.

I want to learn
all that I can,
not just to know
but to understand.
What caused you pain,
who gave you scars,
everything that has made you
the (wo)man that you are.

Like a child discovering
something new,
is the way that I feel
when I am with you.
This journey inside
your beautiful soul,
is taking me captive
as your story unfolds.

~Tia White


Niagara Falls